Codes of Conduct

This is a set of rules that we expect all Zansha members to abide by to maintain a fun and friendly community and to remain in-line with Alliance regulations and expectations.

If you have any doubts as to whether an action is allowed or not, please ask for clarification in slack from a member of Zansha Leadership.

Most importantly of all: Have Fun!

General Conduct

  • Treat everybody with respect.
  • Homophobia, racism, bigotry, sexism and other forms of harassment are strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion.
  • Remain professional on public comms, including local chat, and any third-party comms. Remember that you represent Zansha.

Conflict Resolution

  • If you are having trouble with another member of the coalition, the alliance, or Zansha’s Community, please contact Zansha leadership for help. Do not let your temper say things that you can't take back.

Zansha’s Community vs Zansha Expansion

Zansha’s Community includes people who do not play EVE-Online or who are part of other corporations/alliances in EVE-Online. Therefore there are some things to remember on slack:

  • Secure slack channels will be labeled as such in their topic, and will be invite-only.
  • Do not share alliance or corporate intel on slack channels other than the secured ones.

The following Codes of Conduct specifically apply to members of Zansha Expansion in EVE-Online, as opposed to the greater Zansha Community.


  • Real life comes first.
    • If you are taking extended leave, please notify a member of Zansha Leadership to ensure you don’t accidentally get purged for inactivity.
  • Except as provided above, it is mandatory to be signed in and active on both Zansha and alliance Slack, as well as coalition Discord.
  • If you are online during an official Zansha, alliance, or coalition fleet, you are expected to participate.
    • Absolutely no mining or ratting during fleet operations.
    • Except in the case of random fun-fleets, which will be clearly indicated as such.
  • You are expected to be able to, or be training to fly at least one ship in each alliance doctrine. By preference this should be a support/specialized role instead of DPS, but so long as you can bring something we will be happy.

Fleet Operations

  • You must be able to use a microphone and willing to speak when appropriate.
    • Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis due to RL concerns. Please notify Zansha leadership for details if you think this applies. In all cases the ability to listen to voice coms over mumble is required.
  • Voice communication during fleets must be kept to need-to-know information only unless otherwise specified by the current FC.
  • When possible, you should use a text-based chat (Fleet, Alliance, Corp, Slack, etc.) to ask questions that do not have an immediate impact on the fleet as a whole.
  • Keep fleet chat clear of unnecessary chatter.

Alts and Alt Corporations

  • Main PVP characters should be in Zansha Expansion.
  • All your Alt corporations and characters should be reported to Zansha Leadership.

Alliance Rules and EVE Rules

  • You are expected to abide by all Brave Alliance rules as listed here. If you suspect somebody of being in breach of these rules within the alliance, report them, along with evidence, to Zansha Leadership.
  • You are expected to abide by all of EVE Online’s Terms of Service and End User License Agreement at all times. If you suspect somebody of being in breach of either of these documents, you must report them to both CCP and to Zansha Leadership.

Reporting and Enforcement

Please report any issues with another coalition member, alliance member, or corporation member to Zansha Leadership:

  • Charlie Dimaggio
  • Goldleader
  • Lyra Swift
  • Stealtooth Slicewind

If at all possible, try gathering evidence to support any accusations, as this will greatly simplify and expedite the process.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you take justice into your own hands. Awoxing or any breach of these rules in order to mete out vigilante justice will be treated the same as any other breach. IF IN DOUBT, REPORT!

Enforcement will vary depending on the severity of the infraction, and can range from temporary banning from services, to purging from the corporation, to blacklisting from the alliance.